Payday Loans

A pay day loan is a quick and easy way to get the money you need to cover emergency expenses like car repairs and medical bills when you’re short on cash between paydays. A pay day loan is not backed by assets or collateral. This type of loan protects your assets while giving you fast access to the cash you need to cover your immediate expenses.


Requirements Include:

Note: Only new customers need to complete the Customer Information Sheet. Once we have your Customer Information Sheet on file and you are approved for a loan, you can handle everything by phone or online. No need to come in. We can deposit money into your account automatically. You can pay automatically by ACH. You can also pay by debit card.

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Monday - Thursday
8:30am to 5pm 

8:30am to 6pm

8:30am to 3pm


All loans subject to approval
$100 minimum loan.

We use Teletrack.